Schizophrenia Art

Hi, I’m Ian. I’m a schizophrenic artist, coder, writer, and designer. The Curious Markings shop is where I put my schizophrenia art for sale. I hope one day to support myself through the creation of my art, and this is one avenue that I’m attempting to do that.

The markings you are about to discover are art, yes, but also symptoms of my schizophrenia: auditory and visual hallucinations from a severe mental illness. While my symptoms of paranoia and delusion skewed my reality, I found comfort in the markings. They helped me see through the deceptions created by my illness. 

The markings began to show me that just as my illness had shaped my reality for so many years, I too can shape my reality. Except for this time, I can shape it for the better. I became not only a high functioning schizophrenic, but a high functioning person; motivated, somewhat accomplished, and healthy.

I offer these markings to hopefully do the same for you, in whatever form that takes. Which marking speaks to you? Buy this schizophrenia art for sale on T-shirts, tank tops, coffee mugs, winter hats (toques), and more. See a design you like, but it’s not on a product that you want? Email [email protected] and I’d be happy to put the perfect pairing of this schizophrenia art for you on sale with your first purchase of the new design at 10% off. Sometimes I call them works of art. Other times I feel, rather, that I am documenting something unknown.

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